Subwoofer Placement Questions Answered

George asks…

home speaker system subwoofer placement?

i was wondering for subwoofer is it better to place it on a tv stand or on the ground for a better way to experience the bass it has to offer?

Ryan answers:

Subs placed on a TV stand tend to vibrate, move and create unwanted noise from vibrating items on the stand. It's best to place the sub on the floor.

Placing a sub in the corner of a room may improve the volume of the bass, but it rarely produces the optimum sound quality. Subs placed along a flat wall generally produce better bass tone qualities. Experiment in you room as no two rooms will have the same acoustic characteristics and everybody's tastes are different.

Mark asks…

Subwoofer box design and placement for 96 ext cab pickup?

alright so on my ext. cab I have removed the back seat and I have that space available for my 2 subwoofers. 2 15" kicker CVR.
I will use the kicker website to do my box with the right volume and right ports.

I am trying to come up with the best placement , I have seen people placing subs facing the roof and port either facing the back of the cabin in my case or facing the front seats.

what would be the best design for this?

Ryan answers:

Dude, if you will not be putting the seats back in, face up on the subs. If you have a ported box, the ports should be the same direction as the subs, (up)

are you sure you dont want to visit your local shop and pay for a pre-fab box????

Its only like 50-120 and a whole lot easier and most likely sounds better

Robert asks…

Subwoofer placement question?

Hello all..

So i have a single cab 1995 ford ranger, and it doesnt have any jumpseats. its just drivers seat and passanger seat. I have one Pioneer 12 inch sub in a sealed walmart box :P. Where and in what direction should i place the subwoofer so i get the best sound?

dont judge me 😀 Thanks!

Ryan answers:

If you can fire the woofer up into the roof, or facing towards the passengers side, it will be a lot louder.
Why you ask ? Its known as loading, being able to fire into the woofer into a metal panel will amplify the percieved volume of the system.

Try it yourself, fire the woofer forward between the seats and play something with bass.. Then try firing up or towards the passengers side. You'll notice it get percievably louder, but also the bass will sound "smoother".

Linda asks…

help with subwoofer placement in my trunk?

i have 2 12 in subs and 2 10 in subs in my trunk, the 2 12s are facing the rear of the car and the 2 10s are facing inside the cab, theres not enough room to put them all facing the rear of the car, so is there a way i can get them to sound louder or better with different positioning?
its a car, hence the words trunk and rear of car

Ryan answers:

Ditch two of the subs, always stick with the same sizes, they tend to cancel eachother out if you mix and match sizes. You end up with a better overall sound with just one size.

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